Did you purchase (too expensive and yearly costs) EAN numbers with GS1 and do you have to calculate the verification number on the site of GS1 yourself? Exhaustive and difficult! We can support you in this.

How does it work?
You received a so-called “company prefix” from GS1. This is the number that is combined in the GS1 database with your company. You can determine a couple of digits yourself and then you can calculate the verification number on the GS1 site. Very exhaustive when you need to do this one number at a time.

How can we help you?
This is simple, you give us the company number you were given by GS1 and we send you an XLS (Excel) list with a complete EAN13 numbers which you can then insert into the database. No hassle anymore manually calculating each number individually! From 1 to 1 million numbers is possible within a few hours.

Do you have any questions in this regard? Contact us at info@buyean.nl or via the contact form below.

This is one of the many reasons why you choose BuyEAN.co.uk! We know EAN business!