About us

Why would you choose for BuyEAN.co.uk?

First of all because we offer a lowest price guarantee. Secondly because we have a lot of experience in working with EAN numbers and the various selling platforms. Aside from a facilitating role in providing you with EAN numbers we can also advise and support you in various things you can encounter when using EAN numbers.

BuyEAN.co.uk is part of Verleij Trading Europe. We are an enterprise in which 5 persons work, mainly focused on automotive, truckmotive, watersport and home fitness. Once started as a hobby, but now a professional enterprise with customers and dealers worldwide, from Belgium to Brazil and from Austria to Australia.

We import articles ourselves and reached the conclusion that these could not be sold on the large sites like eBay and Amazon. That is why we developed a method with which self-made articles can be sold without an official EAN number as being an article with an official EAN number. In the past years we received thousands of orders in this way with our numbers. We see the power of the selling platforms and hope that other entrepreneurs will start to see this as well. We can help a bit in this by offering our services in our web shop in the form of delivering these EAN13 numbers. We hope your business will be as successful on eBay and Amazon as ours has barcode!

Chamber of Commerce: 57010633
VAT number: NL852400937B01

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