My products have different variants. Do I need multiple numbers?
Yes, for every variant (colour, size, etc.) you need a separate EAN number.

Is there only one cost for the purchased numbers?
Yes, these are one-time costs. We do not have yearly recurring costs.

Which number do I assign to which product?
This is entirely up to you. For e.g. eBay, it doesn’t matter which number belongs to which product. This is only handy to remember for your own administration and stock management.

What can I use the EAN numbers for?
There are no restrictions! All products and services can be provided with an EAN number. Our numbers are very suited for “renumbering” a product that already exists with an EAN number on eBay or Amazon. This way you can offer your product with better key words or for a lower price (without your competition being able to see it directly) and thereby rank higher in the search results of eBay or Amazon.

What can I use the numbers for?
You can use the numbers you use for eBay for, for instance, Amazon and eBay as well. They can be used worldwide on every site which obliges you to use an EAN number. Aside from that you can use the numbers to make your own products identifiable and scannable with your customers or in your own company.

Can I buy an EAN number for a product which already exists?
Yes, you can buy a number and use this online for an article for which an EAN number already exists. This can be handy to deceive the competition of your presence, since the number is different.

Can only manufacturers apply for an EAN number?
No, as a seller you can do this without any problem for online use.

What’s the lifespan of EAN numbers?
Our EAN numbers do not expire. You can use them without limit.

Do I have to stick the EAN barcode on the article?
No, this is not necessary. It is possible however in case you want to make a product scannable and thus identifiable. For the rest it is not necessary nor obligated.

Is the price or other data mentioned in the EAN number or the barcode image?
No, an EAN number is nothing but an identification number. The price or product properties have to be added separately. For instance, in case you would like to make a product scannable in the warehouse, you need to tell the computer system which price and product properties belong to a certain number.

What is the difference between and GS1?
There are some differences for you as a customer between us and GS1.

  • Our costs are low and only one time, with GS1 these are higher and renewable annually.
  • Our numbers will not be stored in the GS1 database (it is not even possible to do this yourself) Is this necessary? No, this is not necessary. We advise you however, in the case you are active in the food industry, to apply for the numbers at GS1.
  • BuyEAN does not ask for annual figures or other sensitive information. With GS1 you are obligated to hand this over when applying
  • With us you are ready to use EAN numbers, immediately after payment. With GS1 you only receive part of an EAN number after 7 days and you need to add the rest of the digits to each number individually.
  • With us you can immediately order barcode images. GS1 does not offer this service.
  • We can advice in offering your products at Amazon and eBay. GS1 does not offer this service.
  • Fast customer service and often even reachable in the evening via the chat function.

In brief; buying with BuyEAN is accessible due to its simplicity and price. With GS1 this is fairly complicated, takes a lot of time, and is expensive due to the reasons mentioned above.